a brief history

A brief history

When I needed new business cards a couple of years ago, I wanted to go for something a little different than the usual. My mind finally gave a hearty nod of agreement when I got the idea to buy good quality blank cards and use my own penmanship to personalize them.

But I couldn’t find them anywhere!

Odd, I thought, very odd. Wasn’t what I was looking for basically a simple note card? Why oh why does every product have zillions of lovable variations, but are we forced to write our daily notes, brain waves and scribbles on memo pads as perishable as buttermilk, with the look and feel of styrofoam?

There had to be a better way

I transformed my kitchen table into a design desk and went on a quest for the best paper ever: blank paper, but not blindingly white, substantial to the touch, but nevertheless always accommodating to your pen, and moreover – respectful of the environment.

Nine models, connected by their size, finally made it to the finish line, and now they are passed on into the hands of others. Let yourself be tempted by the lines and fields; write, draw, color, scribble, fold, give them away, hold on tight, feel … use’m!

Kind regards,

Handschrift Gijs de Werker