What does usem mean?

usem is a combination of ‘use them’. Say the words quickly. So usem is a brand with a message: use them.

Are the cards only suitable as note cards?

It is their original purpose, yes, but feel free to use them as a bookmark or to steady your rickety kitchen table.

Can the cards be personalized?

Definitely. All you need to do is write on, fold, punch holes in or color them.

What does the back of the card look like?

The back of all the cards is the same, and has a multi-purpose square pattern, with the word ‘usem’ in the background, much like a watermark.

Achterkant usem-notitiekaartje met ruitjes

What risk do I run if I buy more than one box?

The risk is very limited. The cards may be used safely for another 150 to 200 years. Moreover, the cards make perfect presents. You will be praised for your originality!

Where and how should I save my notecards?

Whatever you do, make sure that you always have a few cards where you can reach them. So stuff a few in your wallet, but also: all sets of cards come in a handy card box.

What can be said about the paper that’s used?

Well, for instance that the paper/cardboard that the boxes are made of is the same as that of the cards, but just a little heavier. And that the paper originates from, as the Forest Stewardship Council calls it, ‘responsibly managed forests.


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