usem note cards (english)

Houten tafel met vier beschreven notitiekaartjesNote cards the size of a credit card

Usem cards are note cards the size of a credit card (or note cards the size of a business card, if you like). We thought of these note cards as an omission in the selection of fine stationery and a must have for lovers of the handwritten word. What could be more logical than a note card that fits perfectly in your wallet and has many applications because of its universal format?

Use the usem cards (for example) as a handwritten business card, a to do card, brainstorming card, or as a reminder during a presentation.

usem cards as your GTD®-tool

Our note cards are perfect as well for those who are fan of the Getting Things Done® (GTD) method. The very basic idea of this productivity method is (in our own words): write everything down what pops into your head; ideas, tasks, books you must read, cooking tips, things to remember, etc. etc. Now you can focus, with a clear mind, on your main task.

Meereffect, the official GTD®-partner in the Benelux, wrote some nice words about the usem cards on there website. They emphasise the convenient size of the cards and the fact that they are designed to have them always with you. If you can read Dutch, you can check it over here (point 3.).

dutch design

Dutch design stempelBut we didn’t want the cards just to be ‘handy’ or ‘convenient’. They must also be a ‘feast for they eyes’. To judge from all the positive reactions, a lot of people think we succeeded in this.

As a cherry on the cake, the usem cards were at some point noticed by Design Agency Droog (the flagship of Dutch Design). Amongst other things, this led to the presence of the usem cards at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the largest furniture and design exhibition in the world.

After that, we felt confident enough to label the cards as ‘dutch design’.


A box contains 50 same-design cards. The price per box is €7.50, including VAT, not including shipping costs.


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