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David Allen gets his shopping done with a usem note card

David Allen with a usem note card as shopping list
David Allen showing an usem note card

This is so cool!

We now have a real David Allen in the usem museum!

The man who is widely recognized as the world’s leading expert on personal and organizational productivity, who learned the world how to Get Things Done, gets his shopping done with a usem note card.

His wife was so kind to take this photo and donate it to the usem museum. (Thanks Kate). We couldn’t be more proud!

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Usem cards: rounded corner note cards

Usem cards are small, rounded corner note cards. More precisely: note cards the size of a credit card. (Or the size of a business card, if you like.)

Our note cards fit perfectly in your wallet or phonecase and have many applications because of their universal format. Some of our customers use the usem cards as handwritten business cards, others use’m to write down their thoughts or brilliant ideas and a third one likes to put little thank you notes on the desk of colleagues.

Dutch design – a feast for the eyes

But we didn’t just want the cards to be ‘handy’ or ‘convenient’. They are also meant to be a ‘feast for the eyes’. Judging from the positive reactions we’ve received, many think we’ve succeeded.

As the icing on the cake, usem cards were at some point noticed by Design Agency Droog (the flagship of Dutch Design). Among other things, this led to the presence of usem cards at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the largest furniture and design exhibition in the world.

After that, we felt confident enough to label the cards as ‘Dutch design’.

coloured blank rounded corner usem note cards
Premium high quality paper note cards
Field plus

colored rounded corner appointment cards

We ship worldwide

You’ll find the usem note cards in our shop and we’re happy to say that we ship worldwide!

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usem note cards as your paper productivity tool

Usem cards are note cards the size of a credit card which makes ‘m a perfect paper productivity tool.


These cards have many applications because of their universal format. For instance they are perfect for fans of the Getting Things Done® (GTD) method.

The very basic idea of this productivity method is (in our own words): write everything down that pops into your head; ideas, tasks, books you should read, culinary tips, things to remember, etc. etc. Once that’s done you can focus, with a clear mind, on your main task.

In the official Getting Things Done workbook we read on page 49:

Productivity tips in the Getting Things Done Workbook
Productivity tips in the Getting Things Done workbook

Meereffect: convenient size

Meereffect, the official GTD-partner in the Benelux, shared some kind words about usem cards on their website. They emphasize the cards’ convenient size and the fact that they’re designed to take with you wherever you go.

David Allen uses usem note cards

But surely the best recommendation: David Allen, the creator of the Getting Things, uses the usem note cards himself!

Convinced? Please find all our cards in the usem shop.

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Nieuwe groene usem-notitiekaartjes

De nieuwe groene usem-notitiekaartjes

Nieuw: (zee)groene usem-kaartjes

Wellicht ken je de kleur van een vakantie in Zuid-Frankrijk. Wanneer je daar op een zonnige dag vanaf een hoge rots een baai inkijkt, dan zie je dat het water verschillende kleuren weerspiegelt; variaties van zowel blauw als groen. En één van die groene tinten is onze inspiratiebron geweest. De kleur die begint op een halve minuut waden vanaf het strand en eindigt daar waar je niet meer kunt staan.

New: sea green usem note cards

You may remember the hue from a holiday in the South of France. Standing atop a high cliff on a sun-drenched day, overlooking a bay, the water reflects a myriad of colors: variations of blue and green. One of those shades of green inspired us. It is the color that starts at a 30-second wade from the beach, and ends where your toes can no longer reach the sea bed.